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Another full new base and resin system from the Easier Group.

The Easier Drives surveyor visited Mr and Mrs Jenkins in October last year, they didn’t want anything doing until after Christmas but this wasn’t an issue. After the customer placed their order plans were drawn up and the details agreed with the customer.

In the new year work started. This customers driveway and their homes curb appeal was totally transformed within 3 days. On day one all the old shingle was removed and a new sub base was installed which included and deep layer of clean new type1 and multiply layers of geotextal membrane. On day 2 our robust heavy duty honey comb system was installed and all the edging the customer has chosen.

The honey comb system all interlocks together and forms a strong, long lasting, permeable and eco friendly base which is filled with washed stone. Our experienced resin team then laid an 18-22mm resin surface over the top looking the base into the surface.

The customer chose Pebble Beach and is now enjoying all the complements that they receive from their friends and neighbors.