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It doesn’t matter what size the area you want us to improve. Our Artificial grass and Resin can make even the smallest of unused areas look good and manageable.

This customer had an area to the side of their bungalow which never saw the sun and so real grass could never grow, they wanted to make the area look nicer and have somewhere they could play some small garden games in summer, in the shade.

They also needed a new path as they were struggling to get their bins passed each week on the old shingle they had. The Easier Group as always pulled together and fitted a suitable wide path for the bins

First a new pedestrian honey comb system resin base was installed followed by 18mm of our Sandy Bay resin blend. After the old grass was removed and a new grass base installed we laid our all round grass “Orchard”, it is great for looks and with a short 30mm pile is great for putting garden games on.

Another fully satisfied customer for many years to come especially as like all our grass the Orchard range comes with our full manufacturers back 10year guarantee