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Create Your Own

Bespoke Resin Bound Colour Blend

The Easier Group Create Your Own Station


Exclusive to the Easier Group and Easier Drives is our create your own bespoke resin bound colour blend station. No other resin bound surfacing specialist in the area offers a comprehensive outdoor showroom and create your own service.

If you don’t see a standard aggregate colour blend that you like, then why not speak to a member of the team and visit the create your own station. At the create your own station you can blend your own bespoke resin bound colour. Our knowledgeable staff can help you find a completely unique resin bound colour for your driveway, patio and path that you will love.

Create your own bespoke resin bound blend for a unique driveway, patio or path

A member of the Easier team will be with you throughout the entire process detailed below to walk you through the stages, and you can participate in the process of manufacturing your sample as much or as little as you like.

Choose your aggregate, the colours and sizes of the stones will influence the final surface texture and look.

Step One

Choose your aggregate, we will guide you to choose the right sized stones to ensure a strong and stable surface. You need only choose the colours. The colours and sizes of the stones chosen will influence the final surface texture and appearance.

Step Two

We prepare and mix the resin in the correct ratios. The resin will bind your aggregate into a solid surface.

Mix the resin, part a and part b in the correct ratios
Mix the resin with the aggregate

Step Three

After adding the resin mixture to the aggregate, mix well for at least one minute ensuring all the sones are coated evenly and no clumps of unmixed resin or uncoated stones remain.

Step Four

Pour the mixture of resin and aggregate into a sample container ensuring it is full to the brim to guarantee a flat resin bound aggregate sample which better illustrates the finished surface colour once laid over a larger area.

Pour the resin bound mixture in to the sample container
Trowel the resin bound aggregate blend flat

Step Five

The penultimate step. Using the mini trowel press the resin bound mixture into the container. The process allows the aggregate to better lock and knit together, for a stronger bond. And creates an attractive flat top surface. This is similar to how the product is laid upon a driveway, path or patio.

If you aren’t confident of being able to trowel your sample a member of our team will happily assist you.

Step Six

Your sample is complete, it just needs time for the resin to set and cure. This process can take up to 8 hours depending upon the ambient temperature and the weather conditions. But you can still take the sample away with you the same day as you will be provided with a lid for the sample container to keep it safe.

We will just make a quick note on the rear of the resin bound sample of the aggregates chosen so that if you decide to go ahead we have a record of the composition of your bespoke resin aggregate colour blend.

Your bespoke resin bound colour blend is complete, it just needs time to cure