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Resin Bound Driveway, Patio and Path FAQs

Your frequently asked questions answered
What does a resin bound driveway cost?



The cost of a resin bound driveway is in the region of £40.00 (at sale price) to £80.00 per square meter for the supply and install of the resin surface only. The price varies depending upon the resin bound aggregate colour chosen, the size of the area to be covered and your geographical location.

Additional costs will depend upon the existing surface type, surface condition, drainage requirements, edging requirements (and chosen styles) and of course the resin specification (UV or buff/standard). The larger the area to be covered the more cost effective per square meter.


What surfaces can you lay resin on?
We can lay resin bound aggregate upon existing concrete, tarmac and some slab surfaces.

Where you require additions the the existing drive way, patio or path, or your surface is not suitable to lay directly upon Easier Drives are able to undertake ground preparation jobs to facilitate this.

How thick do you lay the resin?
Easier Drive specification is 15mm (approx) for pedestrian traffic such as resin paths and patios. Vehicular traffic areas such as driveways and access roads are always laid at 18mm (approx).

Extra mixes of resin and aggregate can be used to level out depressions in the existing surface.


How long will it take to install my new resin bound driveway, path or patio?
Easier Drives complete most resin bound projects in just two working days.

Resin drives, paths and patios are ready to walk on in a matter of hours. The placement of heavy garden furniture and heavy foot or vehicular traffic is not recommended until 5 days after installation.

How do you clean a resin bound driveway, resin path or patio?
Detritus can be cleared by sweeping your resin bound surface with a stiff bristle broom, hosing with clean water at the same time will wash smaller particles and dirt through the resin.

If you wish to power wash your permeable resin bound surface you may. We recommend using a power jet wash under 150bar with a cold water supply. Take care not to focus pressure in the same area for too long or too close to the surface. Again we recommend keeping the jet at least 250mm from the surface and cleaning with a sweeping motion.

Oil has spilled on my resin bound surface, what shall I do?
Oil will normally be washed through the permeable resin bound surface by natural rainfall, in periods of low rainfall or during the height of summer it may be necessary to rinse the area with a hose.

Where the oil may have dried over a period of days a mild household detergent like the kind used to wash dishes may be used with warm water to assist the process.

Will I get weeds in my new resin bound surface?
It is highly unlikely weeds will grow through any new resin bound surface laid by Easier Drives. However the longer the resin bound surface is down the more opportunity for weeds to make their way through or around the resin bound surface.

If any weeds do grow though an appropriate weed killer may be used on the resin bound surface. For weeds that take root above the surface then their roots will not have taken hold and these can be lifted by hand easily or swept off the surface.